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ไทม์เมอร์ (Timer)
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  1. การบริการด้านสิ่งแวดล้อม, มลภาวะ
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  1. ชิ้นส่วนเครื่องดักฝุ่น dust collector accessorries
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Solenoid Valve Timer , XY-3800H Functions 1. Adopts flame retardant engineering plastic shell, the solenoid valve timer is safe with high strength. 2. Controlled by microcomputer chip, its timing accuracy is high. 3. Equipped with LED screen, the timer features of night vision function. 4. Timing set range: 1Sec~99h59min59Sec, bidirectional adjustable 5. Mode: Circulation mode (two: switch on first and then switch off, or switch off first and then switch on) One-time mode (one: start at set time) 6. Power supply: High voltage AC/DC, 110~240V (XY-3800H); Low voltage AC/DC, 7~36V (XY-3800L) 7. The IP grade of this digital timer is IP65. 8. Supports standard DIN43650A input / output interface. 9. LED light indicates the state of ON and OFF. 10. Applications: solenoid valve and other devices needed to set timing.

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